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"Your Wish Is Your Command"

The "Your Wish Is Your Command" series is an audio recording of a private and exclusive two-day lecture which takes place at an undisclosed location in the Swiss Alps. This life-changing set of audio CD's details the thought process behind the world's most successful people. Take complete control of your life and learn how to manifest your every personal and financial wish, plus much, much more. Receive the original 12 CD's plus 2 Bonus CD's for a total of 14 CD's! Additional information from speaker: A few months ago, I got together in the Swiss Alps with some of the most powerful, wealthy and influential people in the world to discuss how to really attract money and success. (By registering below, you're going to learn how to gain this knowledge.) This was not some group of wannabes or new age phonies. In attendance were millionaires, billionaires, high-level government officials, leaders of countries, members of royal families, politicians and captains of industry. The event was so exclusive that attendees paid OVER $10,000 to attend and traveled from every continent around the world to get this information. And when it ended, everyone said it was not only the best $10,000 they ever spent, they said it changed their lives. Imagine how powerful this information had to be for a billionaire to say that!